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Digital Gas Meter Program


As your gas distributor, we own and operate the gas pipelines and meters that deliver gas to homes and businesses across South Australia. As part of our service, we are currently exploring how digital gas meter technology can improve the service that we deliver to customers.

Digital gas meters have been around for several years and are being used around the world in countries including America, England, France and New Zealand.

A digital gas meter works in the same way as a traditional gas meter, measuring your gas usage. The main difference is that they are battery powered and can send your data to us wirelessly through a secured telecommunications network. Digital metering provides an ability to read the meter remotely without having to physically enter properties to read the meters.

We are undertaking a small program, installing 400 digital meters in the Mitchell Park area to understand these metering technologies in an Australian context. This innovative project will help us understand the functions, operation, and benefits of digital gas meters along with the practicalities of a future, large-scale, digital meter replacement program across Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

The good news is that there is no cost to you as part of this program.

There won’t be any difference to your gas consumption or your gas service as a result of having a digital gas meter. The meters we are using have been certified for accuracy to South Australian requirements.

No, you don’t need to be home when we replace the meter by one of our certified contractors. You will receive a letter a few weeks before we are planning to exchange your meter letting you know when we will be there. The letter also contains contact details for our contractor should specific access arrangements be required.

Although the digital gas meter can be remotely read, during this program we will still be sending our contractors out to your property to read your meter. This is because we want to maintain a normal approach for our customers during the trial while we assess the functions, options and operations of the digital meters.

No, the digital gas meters that we are using will be compatible with the blended gas that you are receiving at your property. You can read more about blended gas at

Digital gas meters will play an important role in our journey to improve the way we deliver energy and services to our customers. This is an innovative program designed to build our understanding of digital metering technology in an Australian context. This program will help us understand the functions, operation, and benefits of digital gas meters along with the practicalities of a future, large-scale, digital meter replacement program across Australia.

We are installing two types of digital gas meters as part of this project (EDMI and Itron). You can see what they look like below and read more about the EDMI meter here and Itron meter here .

digital meter 


The EDMI gas meter will appear as though it is off. To display the current index reading press and hold the ‘OK’ button for 5 seconds. The meter display will light up showing your gas meter index as below:

The Itron gas meter will appear as though it is off. To display the current index reading press the button on the right. The meter display will then display your gas meter index as below. The index will be displayed for 5 seconds:

We are experts in operating gas infrastructure safely and reliably. Our commitment to safety underpins everything we do.

The digital gas meters we are installing have international safety certifications and have been tested to ensure they meet the Australian accuracy standards.

Digital meters are currently being used in many countries around the world including America, England, France, and New Zealand.

No, the digital meters are battery powered and send data to us wirelessly through a secured telecommunications network.  

Your gas meter will be changed by our accredited contractor, Phoenix Gas. Contractor personnel carry authorised ‘Gas Officer’ identification cards at all times.

The meter change is completed free of charge and is a simple operation that involves disconnection of your gas supply for approximately 15 minutes. During this time, your gas supply will be temporarily interrupted. We will knock on your door, and let you know, before we interrupt your gas supply.

If you have any gas appliances with a pilot light, for example a storage hot water unit, this will result in the pilot light going out. If you are at home and access is available, we will relight your appliances once we have exchanged your meter.

If you are not home at the time, the meter will still be changed, and an information leaflet will be left advising you how to relight your appliances. If you are not comfortable with turning on the gas and relighting pilot lights, please contact 8327 0357 to request a relight after the meter change.

We expect that there will no impacts to customers receiving a digital gas meter. We will continue to read the gas meters manually and bill retailers using our normal processes while we assess the digital metering technology.

As the gas meter is our asset, your rental provider’s permission isn’t needed for the exchange.

We will start exchanging the gas meters in October 2022. The exchanges will occur during October to December 2022. The program will assess the technology over the next 12 months from when the meters are installed.

You can email us at with your questions or concerns and we will have someone contact you to answer your questions.

If you don’t want to participate in the program you can opt-out by sending an email to with your address and MIRN – this is your unique Meter Installation Registration Number and can be found on your most recent gas bill. Please note that you will need to do this prior to the works commencing (date included in the letter that we sent) you if you do not want to participate.


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