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Natural Gas Appliances you’ll love

Gas appliances not only look great, they’re efficient, responsive and reliable. Plus, unlike electricity, the gas usage tariff usually declines when you use more gas appliances in your home.

Save with natural gas hot water

Natural gas continuous flow hot water systems can save your household hundreds of dollars per year!


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*Cost savings based on Origin Energy Victorian retail tariffs at 31 October 2022. Further details here.

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Not sure if gas is right for you? Browse our collection of articles to learn more about the difference between types of energies in the home, tips for renovating, how to transform your home into a cosy haven and more!


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Renewable Gas

Gas supplies almost half of Australia's household energy, and already has a much lower carbon intensity than grid electricity, but there is more to do. 100% renewable hydrogen gas is the future of our networks and its already happening…

Find out how more about renewable gas and how we’re using it to decarbonise our gas networks.



Are you looking to connect to our network? Easy. Just use our postcode tool to take the first step.

With a customer base of over 2 million consumers, we are one of Australia's biggest distributors of natural gas. We operate natural gas networks in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, and South Australia - and we're still expanding.

Over 4.5 million Australian homes are connected to the natural gas network, enjoying natural gas on demand without the supply and reliability issues associated with electricity.

When it comes to running costs, natural gas has always been consistently affordable. While there is a fixed connection charge, the cost of natural gas energy is much lower than grid electricity and for all but the smallest households you will usually reduce your energy costs.

By connecting your home to natural gas, you can lower your carbon emissions by, for example, up to 77% in Victoria (it is similar in most states ) compared to electric appliances.

But even leaving aside the likely cost savings and environmental benefits of gas appliances, it’s the performance of natural gas appliances that most homeowners love. You can't beat the beauty of a natural gas flame, whether you’re cooking, cosying up with family and friends in front of a gas log fire, or entertaining guests outside with a gas-powered BBQ.

Use our easy search tool below to find rebate offers available to your area and property. If you're already enjoying the many benefits of natural gas, then why not consider adding new appliances to your home set up and make the most of the comfort and reliability of natural gas?

Natural gas could give you lower running costs for your appliances. Our easy calculator will estimate your set up costs, running costs and annual savings based on the appliances and usage you select.

Whether you’re building a new home from scratch, or undertaking a renovation - we’re here to help.

New Build

• Chat to your builder - Tell them you want gas in your home, and they’ll arrange to get you connected. You should also discuss which gas appliances you plan to install.

• Choose your gas retailer - Your energy retailer provides gas to your home and sends the bills for your usage, so you'll need to set up an account. We can help you find a retailer.

• Enjoy your gas - Whether it's for cooking, heating or hot water, you'll naturally enjoy your new home, thanks to gas.

Existing home

The process differs slightly by state, but you can read our connection process guide for SA, Vic and QLD.


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AGN is one of the nation’s largest natural gas distribution companies, serving over 1.3 million consumers across Australia.


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