There are currently no supply outages on our South Australia network. To report an outage, or if you're unexpectedly without gas supply and want more information, please contact our Gas Supply Faults hotline on 1800 898 220.

Report a fault:  1800 898 220
Report a leak:  1800 GAS LEAK
General enquiries:  1300 001 001

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3 years of natural gas: the impact on your savings and the environment

The arguments for making the switch to natural gas are compelling. Chief among them, the fact you’ll save money – and help the environment in the process. But exactly how much can you save? And how can you quantify your environmental impact? In an effort to answer those questions, we combed through three years of data for insights.

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Five millionth customer to connect to gas

The five millionth customer is due to connect to Australia’s gas network next month, demonstrating the continued value of reliable and affordable gas to households across the nation.

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Pilot project first step to decarbonise gas

A pilot project using excess energy generated by wind, solar and other renewables to convert water into hydrogen that is injected into the gas network to provide energy without carbon emissions is now under way in Australia.

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Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis calls for proposals to generate hydrogen fuel in SA

SOUTH Australia should be producing enough hydrogen fuel to export internationally within two years, Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis says.

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Natural Gas Backed by G20 Energy Ministers

The first G20 Natural Gas Day has highlighted the critical role of natural gas in the transition to renewable energy.

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Natural Gas Network Charges Reduce by 23%

South Australia's 435,000 households and small businesses connected to natural gas are about to receive significant reductions in their bills - on average, ranging from $144 to $750 per annum respectively.

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Australian Gas Networks to Reduce Charges by 11%

Approximately 650,000 households and small businesses connected to Australian Gas Networks’ (AGN) natural gas network in Victoria and Albury will receive significant reductions in their bills from 1 January 2018 due to a proposed 11% cut in network charges.

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ABS Figures Show Gas Costs Less Than Electricity

Gas provides almost as much energy as electricity to Australian households and costs 60 per cent less, new figures issued today show.

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Bundaberg Port Gas Pipeline Reaches Major Milestone

A significant milestone was reached today with the $19.8 million, 28.5 kilometre Bundaberg Port Gas Pipeline in Queensland.

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