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Natural gas in McLaren Vale

We're proud to announce the roll out of natural gas to the McLaren Vale community. Commencing in 2015, the McLaren Vale natural gas project continues to make progress, each day bringing the town one step closer to being able to enjoy the same comforts, benefits, and optimal conditions that natural gas users in the metropolitan Adelaide area currently enjoy.

Now with Stage 1 of the McLaren Vale roll out complete, our crews are working hard to complete Stage 2.  Click here for the latest progress map.


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About the project

Together with APA Group, AGN will be reticulating natural gas throughout the McLaren Vale community. Construction on the high pressure supply main (running from Commercial Road, Maslin Beach) commenced in October 2015 and was commissioned in January 2016. Domestic reticulation started in May 2016, with this work to be completed by Seychell Construction.

Over the next several years, AGN anticipates that more than 1, 500 properties will have the opportunity to connect to natural gas, allowing residents and business-owners to experience the same benefits enjoyed by much of the state.  

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Project news and updates

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Progress map

The roll-out of natural gas in McLaren Vale will occur in two stages. Stage 1 of the project commenced in May 2016, and Stage 2 commenced late December 2016.

You can click here for an overview of the natural gas in McLaren Vale project, and you can refer to the lists below to determine which street your stage is part of. Please keep in mind that while listed streets are those within the proposed reticulation network, gas mains may not run down the whole length of every street.


Stage 1 streets*

Abbott Avenue Hyland Rise Pridmore Avenue
Caffrey Street Kalamata Court Southpark Way
Chalk Hill Road Luders Street Tatachilla Road
Clifton Court Mataro Avenue Tilbrook Court
Digby Avenue Palomino Avenue Valley View Drive
Galaxy Court Pedro Street West Park Way
Gloucester Terrace Penfold Way
Hewitt Drive Perry Street

*Disclaimer: AGN's proposed reticulation network may be subject to change. Some properties in the specified streets may be unable to connect to AGN's network, and gas mains may not be complete throughout each street.  


Stage 2 streets*

Acacia Court Hobcroft Street Reeves Road
Aldersey Street Ivyburn Close Scotcher Place
Bond Street Jarred Street Seaman Court
Browning Court Kangarilla Road Semmens Road
Bushing Court Leonard Court Todd Street
Chapman Avenue Lewsey Street Vales Close
Creamery Place Liddiard Street Vine Street
Ferris Street Lock Court Wattle Street
Genders Grove Mudge Road Wigley Drive
Grapevine Lane Nicol Street Woodley Grove
Hall Street Pridmore Avenue
Harvest Drive Railway Terrace

*Disclaimer: AGN's proposed reticulation network may be subject to change. Some properties in the specified streets may be unable to connect to AGN's network, and gas mains may not be complete throughout each street.

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Connecting to gas

Work to construct the domestic reticulation network for McLaren Vale commenced in May 2016. During the early months of this project, street mains will be constructed and laid without natural gas - these street mains will be commissioned (i.e. 'filled with gas') at a later date.

Once work to lay the street mains has started in your area, simply follow the steps below to get your home connected to natural gas. There is a special rebate offer available to eligible McLaren Vale residents connecting to gas for the first time, so make sure to check out our Promotions section for updates.

If you're interested in a new connection for your business or commercial property, use our contact us form to get in touch and one of our I&C Gas Development Representatives will be in touch with you.

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Steps for a natural gas connection to an existing home

To help make it easy for McLaren Vale residents to connect, AGN have put in place a special connection process.

  • Step 1: Confirm gas is available to your residence by contacting our McLaren Vale Connections Representative, Jon Bush, with your address details - please call 1300 001 001 and select Option #4 (contact hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm AEST). Please bear in mind that gas mains will not always go down the length of each street, so it's important to confirm availability first. You can refer to the Progress Map section of this page as a guide.
  • Step 2: If gas is going to be available at your property and you wish to get the new connection process started, simply advise our McLaren Vale Connections Representative and he will lodge a new connection request enquiry to APA Group on your behalf.
  • Step 3: An APA Group Field Representative will determine where the gas meter will be located, generally by visiting your home. Once the gas meter location has been determined, you can seek out a plumber/gasfitter (or natural gas appliance store) to quote the cost of your outlet connection (this refers to the pipework connection from your gas meter location to the natural gas appliances to be connected in and around your home).
  • Step 4: If you would like to proceed with your natural gas connection, call the New Connections Team on 1300 001 001 (contact hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm AEST) and confirm your connection. You will need to supply the following information:
    • Your connection details: property address, full name, contact details
    • Your gasfitter details: name, phone number, gasfitter's license number (PGE number)
    • What appliances are to be installed (important for gas load and meter sizing)
  • Step 5: Your chosen supplier will then install the outlet pipework and appliance/s.
  • Step 6: An APA Group Contractor will complete the inlet to your property (i.e. the pipework connection from the gas mains in the street to your meter location).
  • Step 7: After your inlet has been completed, you can then call your preferred energy retailer to request a gas meter installation. You can start to enjoy the benefits and comforts of natural gas once your meter has been installed and your appliances have been hooked up and commissioned - congratulations!


Steps for connecting a new home to natural gas

Are you interested in natural gas but your home is still being built? Easy. Just speak to your builder about connecting to natural gas and what kind of appliances you wish to install. Your builder will work directly with us to organise the connection.

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Rebate promotions for McLaren Vale residents

Connecting to natural gas is easy, and with special rebates on offer to McLaren Vale residents, Australian Gas Networks has made it even easier to make the connection... including a $500 connection bonus for first-time connections!

Click on the banner below to read about how you could save big when you install new natural gas appliances or convert existing appliances (e.g. LPG appliances) to natural gas.

Generous rebate offers for McLaren Vale homes


Natural gas in McLaren Vale