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Natural gas in Wandong - Heathcote Junction

With the assistance of the Victorian Government, Australian Gas Networks (AGN) is rolling out natural gas to Wandong - Heathcote Junction (WHJ). More than 500 properties will be able to connect to natural gas by the end of the project, with those making the connection free to enjoy the same ideal conditions that gas users in high-density metropolitan areas currently enjoy.

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About the project

In brief:

  • Project commenced in February 2016. 
  • Australian Gas Networks has partnered with the Victorian Government to bring natural gas to Wandong - Heathcote Junction (WHJ).
  • WHJ is one of seven towns to be connected to Victoria's existing natural gas network for the first time.
  • The new natural gas network represents a $4.94 million investment by the Victorian Government.
  • More than 500 properties will have the opportunity to connect to natural gas over the next 20 years.
  • Original footprint completed in late 2016, with properties now able to connect to natural gas.
  • Additional gas mains to be constructed - click here to download a map showing the proposed new extensions.

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Progress maps

The roll-out of natural gas to Wandong - Heathcote Junction (WHJ) will occur in two phases.

In the first phase, street mains will be constructed without natural gas. Work to lay street mains is planned to commenced in February 2016.

In the second phase, a City Gate station will be constructed. The function of this station is to access the gas from the nearby pressure line and to regulate this supply of gas from 10, 000 kPa down to 500 kPa for safe reticulation throughout the town. Work to build the City Gate station began in April 2016. Once started, construction work on the City Gate station and reticulation will occur in conjunction.

An overview of the proposed reticulation network is available here.*

*Note: Original footprint (as shown in the above download) is now complete and commissioned.

The table below shows the streets that are covered by the proposed reticulation network. Gas mains do not run down the length of every street - if you can't find your street listed, please give our VIC Marketing Representative a call on (03) 9463 8419 to discuss connecting your property.


Wandong - Heathcote Junction streets*
Affleck Street Junction Road Range Avenue
Baden Drive Kooralinga Drive Station Avenue
Bonneview Court Lyn Court View Road
Dry Creek Crescent McDonald Drive Vista Court
Eucalypt Grove Messmate Avenue Wandong Avenue
Fern Court North Mountain Road Wombat Avenue
Gleburnie Avenue Rail Street  

*Disclaimer. AGN's proposed reticulation network is subject to change and some properties in the specified streets may be unable to connect to AGN's network as mains may not be complete throughout each street and properties may not be able to connect to gas from some mains. If you are unsure, please contact our VIC Marketing Representative on (03) 9463 8419 or send us an email to

Note. The maps provided on this page via the links above are for personal use ONLY. If you require these maps for other purposes, please send an email with your request to

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Connecting to gas

During the early months of the Wandong - Heathcote Junction (WHJ) project, the street mains will be constructed and laid without natural gas. These street mains will only be commissioned once the City Gate station in Heathcote Junction has been completed. It is anticipated that work on the City Gate station will commence in April 2016.

While gas will not be available during the initial construction of the street mains, AGN is encouraging customers who are committed to connecting to natural gas to take action on their gas applications now.


Why take action now?
 By applying for a natural gas service line now, customers can avoid potential construction delays. Customers will also be able to minimise the disturbance to their property (and the amount of reinstatement work required), since AGN's contractors will be able to install the service line at the same time as the street main.

If you are a resident within the planned footprint in WHJ footprint and you are committed to making the connection to natural gas, the process below outlines the steps to getting a service line and gas meter. For business or commercial connections, please use our Register Your Interest form for assistance and further information.


WHJ Residential Connection Process

  • Step 1: Engage/consult with a plumber to understand the requirements and cost of your gas connection and of the works involved. You may want to use our 'Find an appliance fitter' directory to do this.
  • Step 2: Apply for a natural gas connection via your preferred Energy Retailer - your chosen plumber can also apply on your behalf. Note that you can only submit an application to an energy retailer with an established connection process. In Victoria, only the following energy retailers can process and arrange new natural gas connections:
    • Origin Energy: 1300 132 480
    • Energy Australia: 1800 818 378
    • AGL: 1800 680 430
    • Red Energy: 131 806
  • Step 3: Once your application is received, one of our representatives will discuss your connection and confirm the service location. Doing this will help ensure your service line is constructed at the same time as the street main is reticulated.
  • Step 4: When the City Gate station is completed and the commissioning process begins, you will be notified when natural gas becomes available in your street main and in your service line.
  • Step 5: After you have received notification that your street main is commissioned, you can arrange appliance installation and/or conversion with your chosen plumber/gasfitter.
  • Step 6: You can then book a gas meter installation via your energy retailer. Once your gas meter has been installed and your appliances have been hooked up to the meter, you have officially made your home a natural gas home.

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Register your interest

If you're a homeowner/landlord or business owner in the Wandong - Heathcote Junction area and you're interested in connecting your property to natural gas, take the first step and register your interest by contacting us. By registering, you'll be kept up to date with the latest news and developments, and you will also be notified when natural gas becomes available in your street mains.

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Project news and articles


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