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Work health and safety policy


Australian Gas Networks (AGN) believes that all major incidents and injuries are preventable and is fully committed to achieving zero harm to its employees and contractors. AGN also believes that attaining exceptional performance in health and safety is critical to the success and sustainability of the business.

Our commitment

AGN is committed to keeping its employees and contractors (“workers” as defined under the Work Health and Safety Act) safe from injury and risks to their health, while working for the Company.

The health, safety and welfare of the Company’s employees and contractors is of primary importance and must be addressed before commencing any activity.

AGN is also committed to the safe operation of the Company’s networks and pipelines.  We will strive to ensure appropriate health and safety standards are maintained at all times by those who work on these assets and provide other services to the Company. 


AGN aims to provide an injury free workplace and will comply with all legal and prudential requirements to provide the following:

  • A safe and healthy working environment;
  • Safe systems of work;
  • Equipment maintained in a safe condition;
  • Materials stored appropriately;
  • The necessary information, instruction, training and supervision to make sure that each employee and contractor is safe from injury and risks to their health;
  • Effective ways of consulting with the workforce on occupational health, safety and welfare issues;
  • Effective ways of reporting, recording and investigating injuries, work-related illness and ‘near misses’ in the workplace;
  • Effective rehabilitation measures for employees and contractors who suffer work-related injuries and illness; and
  • A safe environment for all visitors.

AGN requires all employees and contractors to co-operate in the application of these objectives to assist in the prevention of injury to themselves and others.


Responsibility for the application of this policy rests with the Company Secretary.


Policy review

This policy is to be reviewed at least annually.  Any amendments are to be approved by the Board.

Reviewed: January 2015