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Power up your lifestyle and discover how to connect natural gas home appliances

With natural gas appliances, you can transform your home into an oasis of comfort with all the benefits of gas-powered hot water, cooling and heating, cooking and outdoor entertaining. A natural gas system also adds value to your home, making it the number one choice for powering a modern lifestyle.

Save with these versatile options

Gas Cooktops

Chefs love a gas cooktop as they're quickest and most efficient way to cook. If you enjoy cooking Asian food, consider adding a wok feature to your stove top. With a wok cradle you'll get fast and authentic results, so that you can enjoy the delicious flavors of your food faster.

Outdoor Cooking

Grill tasty snags and delicious burgers with a gas-connected BBQ or outdoor cooker. With an unlimited gas connection you won't need to worry about refilling bottles or checking gas supply levels. The only thing you'll need to keep an eye on is the steak!

Gas Ovens

Gas ovens, either freestanding and wall mounted, heat up quicker than electric ovens and are more humid, so your cooking will not dry out. As a result you'll enjoy perfectly crispy crackling and golden brown baking.

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Learn more about the wide range of natural gas appliances and which is right for you, from the appliance manufacturers below.

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Heating and cooling

Ducted Heating

Get toasty and enjoy peak climate control with natural gas ducted heating. Gas ducted heating offers fast and reliable heat even on the chilliest nights and has the edge over reverse cycle systems as its efficiency doesn't drop when the temperature does. You also have the control of zoning your heating by shutting off vents in rooms that you may not use during the day.


For the warmer months, you can pair ducted heating with evaporative or refrigerated air conditioning systems for a cooler and more energy efficient solution.

Hydronic Heating

Quiet, efficient and clean. Hydronic heating doesn't use fans, making it quiet and safe for the elderly and asthmatic, due to the reduction of dust movement. Hydronic gas systems can be underfloor systems that circulate heated water through a series of pipes or wall mounted radiators.

Gas Log Fireplace

Be mesmerised by the flickering flame and atmosphere only a gas log fire can provide. Warm and cosy, your gas fireplace has everything you love about an open fire but with no wood to chop, ash to clean up or falling embers, making it the cosy way to warm up this winter.


Easy to use, you can switch the heat on or off with the touch of a button. Some appliances have timers, making getting out of bed and into a cold room a thing of the past.


They're easy to install too! A range of fireplaces can fit into existing fireplaces or replace the space of an old heater, or your natural gas appliance retailer can has arrange for a modern inbuilt wall setup.

Space heaters and wall furnaces

Space saving and cheap to run, these gas heaters are a great option for keeping your living area warm without breaking the bank. Space heaters and wall furnaces are compact too so fit easily into a range of rooms sizes and locations or an existing fireplace. While they don't produce a visible flame, you can't miss the warmth that will keep you feeling cosy all winter long.

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Learn more about the wide range of natural gas appliances and which is right for you, from the appliance manufacturers below.

Save with these versatile options

Continuous flow

Never run out of hot water again with a continuous flow system. These systems are small wall-mounted units that heat up the water as you use it, rather than pre-heating it as a storage tank does. With the turn of a tap, you’ll be enjoying hot water in seconds, saving you money off your energy bills and helping you consume less water. Most continuous flow units have a better energy rating than a storage unit and are therefore more economical to run.


To find the right capacity for your home you can follow this general rule. For a two-bathroom house you’ll need around 22-24 L/min. Talk to your hot water appliance supplier to find the right capacity for your home.

Natural gas hot water storage systems

Natural gas hot water systems are ideal for bigger homes and come in a range of sizes and varying energy efficiency ratings to suit different needs. They have quicker heat recovery times and mains pressure is able to supply multiple taps at once. So if you have one hot water system feeding multiple bathrooms which are likely to be used at the same time, a large storage tank can meet the flow demand better than an instantaneous unit.


You’ll also find storage systems are useful in power outages as the water is preheated in insulated tanks, and they use a gas pilot light rather than rely on mains power to initiate reheating when required.


They may not be as efficient as instantaneous natural gas systems which only hat water as it’s required, but with energy ratings going up to six stars, they can provide a great volume of water while providing clean, economical and reliable hot water. They are often considered easier to maintain in areas with hard water.

Solar storage gas-boosted

Go greener with a solar gas-boosted system. This system makes the most of solar energy and saves it in the tank while heating the water. You'll also enjoy the added benefit of the gas booster, which will only kick in when the water isn't hot enough. This system will save you both energy and money on your hot water bill.

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Learn more about the wide range of natural gas appliances and which is right for you, from the appliance manufacturers below.

Outdoors and other

Outdoor kitchens and cooking

Outdoor kitchens and BBQ's are a must in any Aussie home and provide a quick way to whip up delicious dishes for the family and guests. With a gas connection you'll no longer have to worry about refilling heavy bottles or checking gas supply levels. You'll also enjoy the added bonus of unlimited gas supply so that you can fire up the BBQ whenever you like.

Pool and spa heating

Rain, hail or shine, get the perfect temperature when you want it with a natural gas connection. Unlike electric heating, your gas connection will fire up to the right temperature faster giving you total control everytime. You can also combine gas heating with solar options when the sun is shining for a more economical solution.


A gas heater is an ideal choice for anyone who uses their pool or spa sporadically throughout the year, such as on the weekend or when friends come over.


If you use your pool often, a gas boosted solar system will give you the best of both worlds - an economical solution when the sun is shining and gas to keep the temperatures suitable for use all year round.

Outdoor heaters

Don't let the chill keep you inside! Save time and money with a gas-connected radiant heater. Ideal for balconies, decks and patios, you can extend your outdoor living season without the hassle of wood fires or spending time refueling gas bottles. You'll also enjoy the added bonus of reducing your carbon footprint with these handy space-saving heaters.


Get more out from your outdoors and start saving money with our rebates and offers.


Cut your ironing and drying time down with a natural gas connection in your laundry.

Natural gas dryers will dry your clothes quicker while using less energy than traditional electric dryers. You'll also get the added bonus of no condensation in your laundry along with a lower energy bill and reduced carbon footprint.

Make the right choice - Outdoors

Learn more about the wide range of natural gas appliances and which is right for you, from the appliance manufacturers below.

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