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Reading Your Gas Meter

The natural gas invoices you receive from your energy retailer are based on how much natural gas has been consumed at your property which is measured by the gas meter.

Every two or three months, depending on the state you live in, a gas meter read is scheduled to be completed. South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales are read every three months. Victoria are read every two months.


Meter reading is carried out by our contractors from Service Stream, who will be dressed in the uniform shown and prominently display identification. In Victoria they will also carry Essential Service letters during CoVid lockdown periods.

If you have any concerns regarding people that claim to be meter readers please call Service Stream directly on
03 9677 8888
or your local police. The expected date of the next scheduled meter read is often shown on
your invoice from your energy retailer.

Every attempt is made to read your meter, however there are circumstances where this is not possible such as locked gates, obstructions to the meter or pets.


When we are unable to perform a meter read, we will leave a customer meter read card in your letterbox,
telling you what the issue is and how you can provide a customer meter read directly to us.
Alternatively, we will provide an estimated meter read to your retailer based on historical consumption.


How to provide a customer meter read

If you choose to provide a customer meter read, we will update the read you provide and send the details to your energy retailer for billing.

Step 1. Reading your Gas Meter

Your gas meter will normally be found in your front yard and under a plastic cover. On some newer homes it may be attached to the house.

Gas meters can look different depending on their age, model and type and are usually branded ‘Australian Gas Networks’, or ‘Envestra’ or ‘Country Energy’ which are older company names. If it is another name, your property may not be within the AGN gas distribution network, so please call us on 1300 001 001 to confirm.

There are two common types of gas meter – Metric and Imperial.


Metric Meters

Metric meters have digits rather as shown in the green box. These are read from left to right including any zeros. In the example the meter reading is 99999.991. Your energy bill may not show all the last numbers, as these are partial cubic meters.

The meter number in the example is EC000012 above the barcode. It should match the meter number on your gas bill from your energy retailer. The MIRN number is specific to your property and will be noted on you last energy invoice


Imperial Meters

Imperial meters can have multiple dials to display consumption volume, or a combination of dial and digits, as shown in the green circle. Read the dial from left to right noting that where there are multiple dials they may rotate in alternating directions. When the hand is between two numbers, record the lower number. If it is between 0 and 9, record 9. In the example below, the reading is 41278.9

Step 2. Send us your Meter Read details

You can submit your self-meter read details by email or post.

By Email: to our service contractor

By posting back the Pre-Paid Meter Read Postcard left in your letter box


Please include the following:

• Address and a contact number
• MIRN number (which can be found on your gas bill)
• Meter number (which can be found on your gas meter)
• Consumption Read (attach a photo of your gas meter showing the meter consumption if submitting via email or fill out the reading on the postcard)
• Date you took the read

Estimated Meter Reads

Where we are unable to gain access to your meter, an estimated meter read will be provided to your retailer.

An estimated read is calculated using a standard method set by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), and is based the history of gas consumption at your property.

Once an actual read is provided either by a customer read or by gaining access in the next read cycle, we will update the consumption and provide the details to your retailer.

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