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Your next hot water system’s closer than you think

Switch to natural gas hot water with AGN and claim a $500 rebate when you purchase any natural gas hot water system.

Rebates can be claimed directly via our cashback website OR from a participating rebate supplier.

We have over 500 participating rebate suppliers who you can contact to purchase and install a natural gas hot water system. Our directory below lists all participating rebate suppliers - to search for the ones nearest to you, just enter your suburb in the search box below and choose 'hot water' from the appliance type filters. Easy!

Choosing the perfect system

Not sure which hot water system’s right for your home? Most fall into one of two categories: continuous flow or storage. Here are some pointers to help get you started.

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Help do your bit for the planet

Once upon a time, we took our natural environment for granted. But – as climate change becomes more of a consideration for so many of us – it’s simply not possible to think about energy without considering how it affects the planet.

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Offer conditions

$500 off when you install natural gas hot water.

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Why natural gas is better than electricity

There is a solution to this energy crisis – natural gas. It provides a reliable alternative to underperforming electricity systems and it’s also set to play a much bigger role in solving our current energy woes.

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