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Increasing demand for natural gas drives major customer milestone in Queensland


The burgeoning demand for natural gas in Queensland has driven the latest new milestone for Australia’s leading gas distribution company.

Australian Gas Networks recently connected its 100,000th customer in Queensland.

A newly married couple living in the Brisbane suburb of Enoggera became the milestone customers after deciding to connect to natural gas while renovating their home.

Newlyweds Alan and Sarah Gould opted to convert over to natural gas from electricity for their hot water service and cooktop due to its many advantages.

“For us it was a no brainer,” Sarah said.

“We bought this beautiful old house to renovate, and it was obvious that the previous owners had made some strange choices – the purple walls were one, not using natural gas was another.  So upgrading to gas appliances was an easy choice for us.

“We love to entertain, so our kitchen was one of the first things on our renovation list. 

"We chose a lovely pastel blue tile that pulls together the modern layout with the softness of a traditional Queensland home, and a fantastic five-burner natural gas cooker with a giant wok burner.

"It’s made a huge difference to our cooking.

“When we upgraded to natural gas cooking, it just made sense to get continuous hot water too. 

"Then we found out we could run a BBQ off natural gas, which we’d never even considered. 

"It’s such a great idea.  We spend so much time living on the back deck, and that outdoor area is next on our renovation list. 

"We’ve installed a natural gas BBQ point, and can’t wait to get our new natural gas BBQ with the reno.  We’ll never have to run out for bottles in the middle of a party!”

Alan said:  “I love cooking, and I really like to cook French food. 

"But I kept burning everything with the old electric cooktop – if I had something on a high heat, then turned it down, it took ages to adjust. 

"It just didn’t work - we just had to have gas when we upgraded the kitchen.”

 In Queensland, AGN operates a 3000 kilometre gas distribution network from Rockhampton to the north side of the Brisbane River out to Ipswich and the growth corridor of Ripley Valley.

“We are delighted with the continued growth of our business in Queensland,” Australian Gas Networks Chief Customer Officer, Mr Andrew Staniford, said today.

“The many and varied benefits of natural gas are what is driving these new connections,” he said.

“More and more homeowners are starting to enjoy the benefits of natural gas in their homes, while also reducing their carbon footprint compared to energy from the electricity grid.

“For instant warmth, reliable and enjoyable showers, and complete control in the kitchen, 100,000 Queensland customers now agree that natural gas is the perfect solution to their individual needs.”

Nationally, AGN serves over 1.2 million consumers in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

It owns approximately 25,000 kilometres of natural gas distribution networks and 1100 kilometres of transmission pipelines.

AGN operates natural gas networks in South Australia (mostly Adelaide), Victoria (mostly Melbourne) and Queensland (mostly Brisbane), as well as in smaller centres in New South Wales (Albury & Wagga Wagga) and the Northern Territory (Alice Springs).

Each year, it invests around $250 million in its networks to reach new areas, improve supply and replace old gas mains.


Issued: 21 December 2017

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