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$100 off when you install additional natural gas appliances*

*2019 Promotion Period: 1 January 2019 to 13 December 2019.


Make your home a natural gas home.

  • Enjoy the reliability and efficiency of natural gas
  • Never run out of hot water again
  • Cook to the perfect temperature
  • Optimise your outdoor living space
  • Add extra character and charm to your home
  • Be the envy of your neighbours with stylish natural gas appliances


What's the offer?

Eligible existing home customers can claim a $100 rebate for the installation of additional natural gas hot water or heating appliances, or for any other natural gas appliance fully connected. Conversions of appliances from any other fuel source to natural gas also qualify for this offer. Examples of eligible natural gas appliances include:

  • Additional hot water or heating appliances
  • Barbecue
  • Cooktop, oven, or combination cooker
  • Clothes-dryer
  • Gas-powered airconditioning
  • Outside heating appliances such as fire pits and fire tables
  • Pool or spa heaters


General campaign terms:

1)  Appliances must be purchased during the Campaign Period, which for this offer is 1 January 2019 through to 13 December 2019.  A 2 month Grace Period will apply from the end of the Campaign Period, so customers can finalise appliance installation and make a rebate claim.

2)  Appliance rebates can be claimed by customers in one of two ways:

  • Customers can choose a participating rebate supplier, who will be able to supply and/or install the appliance required and facilitate rebate payments from AGN (most commonly as a discount from price). Use this directory to find suppliers closest to your area.
  • Alternatively, customers can now claim appliance rebates direct from AGN using AGN's new cashback website, once appliance installation is complete. The cashback website can be found here. To make a successful claim, customers will need to make sure they can attach a copy of the Gas Certificate of Compliance/Gas Compliance Certificate, and any invoices relating to appliance purchase and installation. Approved rebate claims will be paid to customers as a cashback by direct bank transfer.

3)  Appliance rebates are only open to established dwellings (including rentals) covered by the network owned by AGN (you can use this postcode list to check if your location is eligible), and where natural gas has been connected for 6 months or greater. New builds are excluded from these offers.

4) Conversions of appliances from LPG to natural gas qualify for AGN's appliance rebates.

5)  Proof of purchase/appliance installation will be required for each appliance rebate being claimed, as well as a Gas Certificate of Compliance/Gas Compliance Certificate.

6)  Appliance rebates are only for new (not replacement) natural gas to natural gas replacement.

7) The number of $100 rebates claimable by an eligible household is uncapped, however, each appliance the rebate is claimed for must be fully connected to natural gas.

$100 appliance rebates are available until 13 December 2019. 

8)  This offer replaces the 2018 offer for Additional Natural Gas Appliances paid at the $100 rebate rate, as well as any variations of that offer in preceding years.

AGN reserves the right to vary any of its Terms and Conditions.


Disclaimer. The sale and installation of appliances is not regulated by AGN and prices may vary between participating rebate suppliers. It is recommended that you obtain more than one quote, to help you make an informed decision.

Questions? You can speak to our Natural Gas Marketing Team on (08) 8115 4441 or on (08) 8115 4443 for more information, or send the team a message using our Contact Us form.