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Introducing Natural Gas Into Your Home

Whether you’re fixing a problem or looking for a more efficient solution, connecting gas to your existing home is a no brainer.

Natural gas produces the lowest carbon emissions of any fossil fuel. It’s reliable, has a great safety record, and gives us cosy indoor heating in winter while firing up our barbecues and cooling the house in summer. 

So whether you’re in need of an emergency replacement or just looking for a new set up, connecting gas in your house needn’t be a complicated process. In fact, it can be as easy as taking the following five steps.


Step 1: Make sure there’s gas available

It may sound like an obvious first step, but although natural gas is available to over 1.2 million Australian Gas Networks consumers in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales, it may not be available to all premises. In addition, even if a home is surrounded by other houses already connected to natural gas, this doesn’t automatically mean there’s natural gas available as gas mains don’t always go down the entire street length.

To verify gas availability, you can:
- Contact the New Connections Team on 1300 001 001; OR
- Ask your chosen energy retailer.

If you reside in Victoria, you should in the first instance contact your chosen energy retailer. Generally speaking, there are only a small number of energy retailers who are able to process a new natural gas connection. These are: AGL, Energy Australia, and Origin Energy. In some areas, there will only be one energy retailer for natural gas (e.g. Origin Energy is currently the only energy retailer servicing the Tanunda area in SA 


Step 2: Lodge a new connection request

If you’re looking to connect a home in SA or QLD, you can lodge your request for a new natural gas connection by calling the New Connections Team on 1300 001 001 and providing the following details: 
- Your installation address;
- Your contact details;
- Your chosen gasfitter’s details (including PGE number); and
- The details of the appliances to be installed (which helps to determine what size meter gets installed at your property).

However, if your home is in VIC or NSW, you will need to lodge your request in the first instance with an energy retailer with an established new connection process. Generally, this means you’ll need to contact Energy AGL, Energy Australia, or Origin Energy. Most of these energy retailers will have forms you can fill in online, to get the process moving. 


Step 3: Get your inlet installed

This is the connection from your street to your home. An APA contractor (note: APA is the company responsible for operating AGN’s distribution network across Australia)will install an inlet pipe from the gas main in your street to the meter position. Generally, an inlet can take between 20-30 business days to complete (depending on factors such as weather conditions and site readiness), so allow for some flexibility. 


Step 4: And your outlet too

When it comes to sorting the pipework between the meter and your household appliances (i.e. your outlet), your chosen gas fitter or appliance retailer store can help with this


Step 5: Set up an account with your energy retailer and request a meter installation

You’ve put all pieces of the puzzle in place, and now all you need is to get a gas meter installed at your property. To do this, you’ll need to contact your chosen energy retailer, set up a billing account with them (if you haven’t already done so), and nominate a day for the installation (called a ‘meter fix’) to happen. Normally, at least two business days’ notice would be required, and you’ll be asked to make sure there’s someone present at the property either in the morning or afternoon (due to the nature of work, appointments are set up as half-day appointments). 

Once your meter fix has been scheduled and confirmed, an APA contractor will install the gas meter at your house, carrying out a pressure and safety test. The meter will be installed at a predetermined location (depending on a number of factors), but will be placed in a location that’s easy for future meter readers to access (reads are generally carried out every quarter). 

Generally speaking, a gas meter will only be installed in an existing home once the appliances and outlet service has been completed. In New South Wales, however, a meter can be installed even if your outlet service isn’t yet complete.

And that’s it! Your home has a new gas connection. Once in place, you’re free to switch to another energy retailer if you choose to do so. But in the meantime, your home will be able to enjoy instant, and infinitely controllable energy at all times.

(Please note: Particular parts of the new connection process will vary across states, depending on market regulations. The following article only gives an overview of the process; for specific enquiries, you should contact your energy retailer or contact the New Connections Team on 1300 001 0001).

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