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5 Ways You Can Beat the Winter Blues at Home

What words do you associate with winter? Close your eyes for a second and try to think of a few… We asked this very question to an expert panel (aka a few people in the office) and some of the words they came back with were: cold, dark, dreary, miserable, gloomy.

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Want To Know More About Gas?

Are you interested in gas but don’t quite know why you should choose it?

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Hydrogen vs. Solar: Don’t We Just Need One?

The renewable energy world moves quickly. Even to those of us who work in the industry, every day seems to bring with it new technology, new terms, new concepts to understand.

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Smart ways to make your home a cosy haven this winter

When the temperature drops, it’s time to crank up your home’s comfort levels and get ready to love winter. Here are five smart ways you can turn your home into a first-rate hibernation station that’ll get you all fired up about those winter nights cosied up on the couch.

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How to find the right natural gas hot water system

Australians are increasingly turning to natural gas hot water systems when they’re building, renovating or replacing an old system. It’s not surprising that uptake of natural gas hot water systems is rising – they’re far more environmentally-friendly, they’re more affordable and perform better, too.

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Buyer beware: what to look for when you’re house hunting

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when you’re in the market for a home. Let’s face it, the price tags have so many zeros attached these days, there’s little doubt this is the biggest investment of your life. But it’s also thrilling. As you walk through the front door at an open inspection, your heart might skip a beat as you wonder ‘is this the one?’

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How to entertain naturally this summer

There’s nothing like entertaining on a hot summer night – the kids dip in and out of the pool in the twilight hours while succulent meat sizzles on the barbecue. If you’re planning to host events at home, not just in summer, but into the cooler months, it’s worth ensuring that your outdoor area is set to shine.

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It's easy being green

Committing to sustainability around the home might feel like a challenge, but there are easy ways to reduce your impact on the environment without making it a chore. Simply being aware of your household habits and making some small changes can make a big difference. When you choose sustainability, you’ll not only save money now but you’ll also invest in the next generation’s future.

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Gas Vision 2050: what's next for natural gas?

Natural gas is not only an integral part of millions of Aussie homes and business, it’s a huge contributor to our economy. And if forecasts ring true, natural gas is set to play an even bigger role in helping this country transition to a cleaner energy future.

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Beat the chill: a buyer's guide to natural gas heating

A natural gas heater can provide you with a happy medium between a warm home this winter and an energy bill that won’t give you a heart attack. Efficient, economical, better for the environment and built to last, natural gas heaters are also a great way to keep your place cosy as temperatures drop.

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Three reasons why natural gas is better than electricity

In recent months, Australia’s energy supply has catapulted from a pressing issue to a hot button topic. Electrical outages are now more common and electricity prices are going through the roof. It’s little wonder so many Australians (most especially those in South Australia and Victoria) are feeling frustrated at being left without the basic utilities they need to keep their lives ticking along.

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Mythbusting Natural Gas

When it comes to fueling your home, you probably want all the information: not 'mights’ and ‘maybes’. So we’ve broken down five common myths around natural gas, and some things you should know to make the connection.

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Gas Appliances to Power Your Renovation

If you’re looking to bring your next renovation to life, natural gas is worth exploring. We look at what’s worth considering

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Introducing Natural Gas Into Your Home

Whether you’re fixing a problem or looking for a more efficient solution, connecting gas to your existing home is a no brainer.

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Natural Gas, Electricity and Solar: Finding the right energy mix for your home

When it comes to powering your home, choosing between gas and electricity is one of the biggest decision you’ll make. Whether it’s the price of energy, the efficiency of appliances, or your home’s carbon footprint, there are several things to consider when making your choice.

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Ask an expert: Finding the right gas fitter

Installing a natural gas appliance requires expertise and knowledge, and should only ever be carried out by a qualified professional. But how can you be sure you’re hiring someone who knows exactly what they’re doing? The key is knowing what to look for…

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Gas & Renewables: The Perfect Marriage

When it comes to powering your home or office, we’re told we need to reduce our reliance on the electricity grid. And although we can’t all be completely self-sufficient, we can all do our bit to help reduce carbon footprint.

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