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19 April 2022

Hydrogen Park Gladstone Approval Update


Australian Gas Networks (AGN), part of Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG), understands that the Gladstone Regional Council today voted not to provide development approval for the proposed Hydrogen Park Gladstone (HyP Gladstone) project to be located on the preferred site on Derby Street, South Gladstone.

HyP Gladstone is a small demonstration facility designed to produce renewable hydrogen to start to decarbonise domestic gas supply in Gladstone. The facility would use renewable electricity and water to produce hydrogen, which would be blended with natural gas, creating a 10% renewable gas blend.  The blended gas would then be distributed to around 770 homes and businesses using the existing gas distribution network in Gladstone. 

AGN acting Executive General Manager People and Strategy, Kristin Raman said AGN was disappointed by the Council’s decision, particularly given that Council Officers had recommended that the application be approved having complied with the relevant planning requirements.

"The South Gladstone site was chosen for this small demonstration project after an extensive site selection process carefully balancing network planning considerations, environmental and natural constraints, public safety and proximity to sensitive land uses," Ms Raman said.

“We have had an outreach of thousands of business and community representatives throughout Gladstone as part of our community consultation program.”

Hydrogen is already produced and used around Australia, including at AGN’s Hydrogen Park South Australia facility located in the inner-Adelaide suburb of Tonsley. HyP Gladstone is supported by the Queensland Government with grant funding of up to $1.78 million from the Hydrogen Industry Development Fund. 

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As a business, we are also taking active steps to deliver sustainable gas. We are already leading the industry on the pathway to cleaner energy through Australia’s largest renewable hydrogen project, producing and blending renewable hydrogen into our existing gas network in South Australia known as Hydrogen Park South Australia. We have committed to deliver a number of renewable gas projects across the country and across the value chain.

AGIG’s vision is to be the leading gas infrastructure business in Australia - by delivering for customers, being a good employer, and being sustainably cost efficient.

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