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Natural gas cooling

Reverse cycle air conditioning systems use a gas engine to drive the compressor instead of an electric motor. They are energy efficient and produce less emissions than reverse cycle air conditions running on coal-based grid electricity.

Benefits of reverse cycle air conditioning systems using a gas engine include:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced electrical demand (and therefore, reduced costs relating to electricity consumption)

Absorption cooling

An absorption chiller uses heat to drive the absorption refrigeration cycle. The chiller produces chilled water that can be used to cool buildings. Absorption chillers are often used in conjunction with a tri-generation system where waste heat is available.

Benefits of absorption cooling in a commercial setting include:

  • Production of chilled water for air conditioning or other cooling requirements
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Reduced consumption of electricity, relative to more conventional air-conditioning methods
  • Reduced impact on the environment, as it’s powered by sources such as waste heat, steam or natural gas   

Co-generation with absorption cooling

Co-generation uses a gas engine or micro-turbine to drive a generator, producing electricity. The engine or turbine heat then provides the necessary input to operate an absorption chiller. This type of system has the potential to avoid the electrical load associated with providing cooling while supplying electricity from the generator.

Desiccant cooling

Desiccant systems absorb moisture from the outside air and/or return air in a building’s air conditioning system. When compared to other cooling methods, desiccant cooling reduces (sometimes, it even eliminates) the need for conventional cooling equipment.

Desiccant cooling is a great option supermarkets can use to improve product presentation; it’s a solution that’s suitable for use in cold stores, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, and more.

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