There are currently no supply outages on our South Australia network. To report an outage, or if you're unexpectedly without gas supply and want more information, please contact our Gas Supply Faults hotline on 1800 898 220. For information on our Covid-19 response see below.

Report a fault:  1800 898 220
Report a leak:  1800 GAS LEAK
General enquiries:  1300 001 001

Advantages of natural gas

Gas is a low cost, low carbon and convenient fuel of choice for Australian consumers when it comes to cooking, hot water and winter heating. Gas fired appliances are proven contributors to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and are efficient and responsive.

More than 100,000 km of gas pipelines around Australia meet the needs of 4.5 million customers with exceptional reliability. Natural gas is the fastest growing sector of the Australian energy industry, and we can expect to see even greater use of this natural resource in the future. Why? Read on to explore the benefits of switching to this energy source in your workplace or home.

Explore the environmental benefit, and benefits for your home and business.